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Battery Guru v1.9.6.6 build 241 Mod APK

Battery Guru v1.9.6.6 build 241 Mod APK

Battery Guru v1.9.6.6 build 241 Mod APK

Battery Guru v1.9.6.6 build 241 Mod APK

Battery Guru, as the name suggests is an app developed to check battery usage. To prolong the battery life of the android device.

The Battery Guru Mod showcases the battery usage info along. The capacity of the battery, estimates etc. With the tips acquired from this app, you can increase the life of your phone’s battery skillfully. Increase the lifespan of your battery by 200% with Battery Guru Pro Mod APK. You can optimize the performance of your phone’s battery by installing the app on it.

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The charging can lower the capacity of the battery if not done properly. You can also find information about your mobile like the best charger. USB cable that suits your device with this Battery Guru APK. The app also displays the max current attained while charging. You can set the status bar indicator that shows the temperature, battery level, current in mA etc. Turn on the Doze to make your device run faster.


  • Disabled analytics and crashlytics.
  • Removed inappurchase layout.
  • Disabled other apps showcase.
  • Cleaned firebase trashes.
  • Disabled measurements.
  • Disabled rate popup.
  • Removed debug info.
  • Custom signature.
  • Multilanguage.
App Name Battery Guru v1.9.6.6 build 241 Mod APK
Language Multilanguage